Email received from a departing moorer –

“We wish to express our sincere thanks to you personally for providing such an excellent facility that has become the famous  Crick Marina.  The continuing success of the Crick Show has also put the marina firmly on the map as a centre of excellence within the boating community and the canal network.  We have enjoyed 8 wonderful years based at Crick and throughout, have appreciated its location at the heart of the canal system, the ambience within the marina and friendliness and camaraderie of fellow boaters and the staff.  We would particularly like to thank X who works tirelessly to keep everyone happy, and his programme of continuous improvement which is helping the marina to go from strength to strength.  We would also like to mention Y, whose constant improvements to the grounds are a positive enhancement for the pleasure of all the moorers.  Please could you pass our thanks on to them.”

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