We have recently taken a mooring at Crick Marina ,and are delighted with our welcome from your staff to date.
On Sunday afternoon, my husband was despatched up to Crick to check the boat before the Sunday night storm broke.
When he was on board, he was startled by Noel, knocking on the boat.  Noel advised him that if he was staying overnight, just to be careful. Noel then went around every boat either just removing loose goods from boat roofs or if possible securing them down in readiness for the stormy windy night ahead, so no loose items could blow off and damage boats and property.
I would like you to personally thank Noel for his total consideration for the safety and well-being of the boats moored in your marina. This is a side of customer care and service we have never experienced whilst moored at ******** Marina for the last 7 years.
It is really reassuring to know that even though we are only 2 hours drive away, there are people based at Crick Marina that care.
This we cannot thank both yourself and your staff for enough.
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